Political Lobbying

Get Lobbying Assistance from Innovative Professionals

Get Lobbying Assistance from Innovative Professionals

Political lobbying throughout Iowa, including the Cedar Rapids, IA area

Making sure your interests are advanced in the legislature can be a tough row to hoe. Heartland Strategies can help groups influence the process to achieve their desired outcomes. While there are no guarantees, without an effective strategy the chances of achieving your desired outcome are drastically reduced.

Effective strategies include grassroots lobbying (targeting a demographic audience to contact their legislators) and direct lobbying (meeting the legislators on their home turf to directly influence their stance).

Heartland Strategies is a bipartisan political lobbying firm, so we will work with and strategize with organizations on all sides of the legal spectrum looking to find a common ground. We will do so through aggressive full-service lobbying, which involves:

  • Daily presence at legislative locations
  • Multi-level (local, state, national) lobbying relationships
  • State-wide coverage for awareness and fundraising
  • Reporting/declaring legislative bills

When you choose Heartland, you will develop a personal relationship with our public affairs professionals. We will help make sure your voice is heard by the right people. Influence isn’t easy to achieve, but with our passionate and educated lobbying firm by your side, it can be accomplished.

Let Heartland Strategies, LLC provide you with what you need to carry out an effective lobbying effort. Contact us at (319) 283-4143 to get started.